E-KRETE™ Polymer Composite Micro-Overlay (PCMO)

E-KRETE™ is a polymer-modified composite that contains specially-sized aggregates, acrylic modifiers and other additives. It can be applied over new asphalt, old oxidized asphalt, spalled concrete, prepared metal surfaces and tiles as a flexible and durable wearing surface. E-KRETE™ eliminates asphalt's greatest problems such as water intrusion, oxidation and U.V degradation. It is also impervious to all fuels, oils and even acids.

E-KRETE™ is not harmful to either humans or the environment. In fact, E-KRETE™ is listed in the EPA's "Dfe" program under industrial coatings (pavement). For optimal performance, the material is applied to a thickness of 3mm and comes with warranty against premature wear, peeling or delamination.

E-KRETE™ has been installed on roadways and in car parks at Changi Airport, Clementi Mall and various other locations. Refer to our Projects for more references.


 E-KRETE™ is unaffected by water, UV, ice, oxidation, automotive fluids, oil, diesel and gasoline.
 Eliminates environmental impact of asphalt seal coating and resurfacing.
 Provides a clean, high quality, quiet riding, skid resistant surface.
 Restores pavement to a like new flat surface with built-in adhesion.
 Reduces heat as much as 7°C compared to the heat that is absorbed and stored in asphalt.
 Solar reflective material can enhance visibility.
 Higher nighttime illumination at less power cost for lighting the asphalt.
 No hydrocarbon runoff.
 Converts asphalt assets into cosmetically more attractive, long-lasting concrete-like assets.


 Bus Terminals & Bays
 Parking Lots
 Schools and Hospitals
 Cycling Paths
 Walking Trails
 Military Installations
 Bridges & Driveways
 Sidewalks & Exercise paths


SKID-PRO™ is a newly formulated high friction, high-wear surface that combines all the characteristics and attributes of E-Krete™, with properly graded aggregates to meet any friction coefficient required for particular application.

Composed of specially sized aggregates, enriched composite powder and proprietary polymers, the SKID-PRO™ system is a two layer screed or spray applied process that is impervious to diesel fuel, gasoline, aviation fluids, salt water, oil and UV degradation.

Besides SKID-PRO™ is more than just traditional paint mixed with sand, it is stronger than non-skid aggregates and therefore is able to effectively lock chips in place. The opposite is true in epoxy with sand. Traditional epoxy and urethane systems are extremely sensitive to UV and humidity that will cause the materials to fail. SKID-PRO™ can be applied directly over mill primer, zinc primer, stable epoxy or wheel-abraded metal.


 Economical product and application.
 Cures to foot traffic in an hour.
 Will not fade.
 Bright in daytime.
 Illuminates brightly at night.
 Unaffected by rain, automotive fuels and lubricants.
 Unaffected by sunlight UV.


 Metal Surface Areas
 Metal Gratings
 Helipads On Decks
 Airport Runways
 Metal Staircase
 Bridge Decks
 Military Installations
 Oil Rigs
 Barge Decks and other Vessel  Decks


PERMASTRIPE™ is a polymer-modified composite used to create durable long lasting markings on various types of surfaces. The material can be pigmented in all of the primary colors and is impervious to all types of fuels, oils, UV or de-icing liquids.

PERMASTRIPE™ has been in use since 1996 on airports, heliports, roadways, metal decks, parking lots and military installations. A unique feature of the product is its ability to be installed as a non-skid safety system that includes yellow, fire lane red and handicap blue.

If nighttime visibility is required, glass beads can be pneumatically applied into the material for high-level retro reflectivity.

PERMASTRIPE™ is not to be confused with paint or epoxy coatings. PERMASTRIPE™ is a micro layer of flexible polymer that has a thickness of 3mm. A color matched top-kote sealer is applied to prevent staining from oils or other debris.


 Easy to see in daytime.
 Bright at night.
 Marks metal, asphalt and concrete surfaces.
 Easy and quick application.
 Impervious to automotive fuels, aircraft fuels and lubricants.
 Unaffected by rain or sunlight UV.
 Excellent adherence to concrete.


 Bus Terminals & Bays
 Helicopter Pads
 Airport Runways
 Airport Tarmacs & Taxiways
 Metal Decks
 Military Installations
 Handicap and Zebra Crossing  Markings
 Other applications where  durability, visibility and long life  are important.


MEGA PATCH is a "cold patch" material that can be used instead of a hot mix patch. MEGA PATCH is a 100% environmentally safe and contains no V.O.Cs, no oil, no recycled asphalt or bitumin. It is a blended water based co-polymer binder with selected stone aggregates suitable for patching asphalt and concrete.

Unlike other cold patch products, MEGA PATCH bonds to the sidewalls of the pothole and becomes part of the asphalt. While other products simply stay in place by weight and are severly affected by water and UV, MEGA PATCH is not affected by water or UV after it cures and is stronger than asphalt.

In fact, MEGA PATCH is designed to become part of the pavement once it reaches full cure.

Because it is designed to be durable instead of just a temporary patch, MEGA PATCH takes longer to reach traffic hardness than most typical cold patch products. Under 21°C or more, MEGA PATCH will cure and reach traffic hardness in an hour.

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